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Neal Bogosian, certified holistic energy healer

"I wanted to leave a testimonial after my session with Neal. Neal gave me a call and we first spoke a bit about each other. I felt his positive energy and felt comfortable working with him right away. He then started asking questions about why I was seeking a session and what I wanted to get to the bottom of. My problem is OCD, and after we spoke for a bit, he told me we would have 3 sessions of 20 minutes of silence, where he would look into my energy field. During these times, I did feel a calming energy and also spontaneous joy. Neal came back to me after the first round asking if I was into sacred geometry. He then told me saw a Merkaba above my head and that I had bright white light above my head and shoulder area. I found this absolutely fascinating as I had been studying sacred geometry, ancient structures, and the energy grid. The shape I have studied most is a pyramid and a Merkaba is basically many pryamids. Neal then told me that he felt my OCD was at least partially tied to my intelligence , and I thought it made a lot of sense as I do feel like it comes from an overactive brain. We continued with the three 20 minute sessions and afterwards I felt very relaxed and tranquil. I felt like I had gotten a massage and my body was detoxing, and this continued through the next day. Thank you so much Neal!" 

-- Arthur M.

"My most amazing experience, I knew, had to be shared. It occurred with one of my very first Quantum energy sessions and I feel compelled to inform those people looking for alternative healing methods to seriously consider this method. I had just completed Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment for a Lymphoma in my upper leg which had literally eaten away bone. A Titanium rod was now in my upper leg. I decided to begin a few Quantum Energy sessions. At one of them, there was a most amazing occurrence in my upper leg. I felt a bolt shoot through my leg and a release. I can only describe it as a bolt of energy – no pain – but a feeling that this bolt may have shot through from underneath my leg and out the top. Something one has to experience to really understand – just amazing!!!  All I could say was, “Wow!”  That was 2 years ago. Since then, I have continued my sessions. I have, through medical testing at a Cancer Institute, been described as totally clean of Cancer. This amazing experience has prompted me to promote this alternative to family and friends and I strongly urge anyone out there to look into this. It also has produced a calming feeling both mentally and physically."

-- E. B. USA

"I was suffering from fatigue and severe sinus issues. After having a few sessions with Neal, I am happy to report that I cannot remember the last time I had a sinus headache. I also no longer feel sleepy at work. Neal is truly concerned about the well being of others and I highly recommend him to those who are sick and tired of being sick."

-- Kathleen C., USA

"I suffered with sinus infections for years. I had one session with Neal over a year ago, and I have not had a sinus infection since. I feel like a new person."

-- Kelly A., USA

"I came to Neal to have him help me with a dog bite I received to my thumb the month before. There were several puncture wounds that were red and angry and I felt that, despite taking antibiotics, there was something still "stuck" in the scar tissue. I felt that whatever was in there was preventing it from healing further and it was painful. In our sessions he was able to get me to a place were I clearly saw what that was about. In very short order the scar tissue began to lighten and the pain at the site of the scars subsided completely. I was ecstatic! Neal is a gifted practitioner and I highly recommend his services."

-- D. H. Calnan, USA

"I have been diagnosed with an eye condition and because of it I have severe blind spots and that makes it very hard to drive at night. From my sessions with Neal my eyesight has improved and I am able to drive comfortably at night."

-- J.C., USA

"I have previously struggled with Lyme Disease and before Neal worked on me, I was having burning neurological and joint pains that were moving throughout my body. Neal did a Distance Healing session with me over the phone and the results were truly profound! My pain went away and after our first session, I felt so good that I went out dancing that night! It was a wonderful and trusting experience and I highly recommend Neal. I think energy healing is definitely part of our future!"

-- L. Boncek, CT, USA

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