Neal is interviewed by the Founder of Quantum-Touch and best selling author, Richard Gordon.


Now Available!  THE AGE OF HEALING: Profiles from an Energy Healer by Neal Bogosian, available in both Paperback and Kindle editions!

Sponsored by the Earthfire Institute: Wildlife Sanctuary & Retreat Center, this video clearly demonstrates the successful applications of energy healing on animals; they receive the energy and love within, just as humans do.

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Neal Bogosian, certified holistic energy healer

Author Interview for THE AGE OF HEALING. 'Click' to read full, extensive interview.

LIVE Podcast Interview - Released May 31, 2017

Neal discusses Energy, Spirituality, Ghost Riders of Japan, other dimensions, Alien Technology, and the Afterlife, on the Bogy & Dave Show - Taped 2.11.16

These three photos of an energy orb demonstrate and show the flow of energy emanating from the point of issue/injury and also from the point of intention and healing. The circular orb is exactly where the injury was. The session is further elaborated upon, in Neal's book, The Age of Healing: Profiles from an Energy Healer, available through and other booksellers.

Book Signing Event, held in New York City, 9.5.2015. Aum Shanti Eastern & Western Spirituality Bookshop and Crystal Gallery, on 14th Street.