The Most Natural Path to Wellness

by Neal Bogosian

-- To deny energy healing as an alternative option to wellness, is to deny the essence of ourselves…because everything is energy, including us! --

Neal Bogosian, certified holistic energy healer



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For many people in mainstream society, when they learn I am a holistic energy healer, their response is usually something like, “Oh, I’m not sure I believe in that.” This common reply is clear evidence of how well ‘programmed’ society has become, in its collective awareness of alternative forms – and paths – to wellness. This response indicates a vast level of misunderstanding; a failure to grasp that we, as human beings, are entirely energetic in every facet of our bodily systems.  Under a high-powered microscope we are vibrating matter – not solid matter – replete with a vibrational frequency that courses through us! Therefore, to respond, I’m not sure I believe in that, is to indirectly admit, I don’t know the true composition of myself.

High School science curriculums fail to emphasize “vibration”, “frequency”, and “energy”, as it applies to the human body and human potential – they fail to explain how everything is energy. Water is an active biological entity; it is thus energy – albeit a form of life force energy. Our bodies are composed of approximately 70% water. “According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%.”[i] Masaru Emoto, in his experiments, proved the biological nature of water; the water crystals he observed were responsive to various frequencies.[ii] This correlates to our ability to have emotional reactions. If someone you care about says to you, I hate you! with great vehemence, the body contracts and cringes, but if someone you care about says to you, I love you, with great passion and feeling, the receiver’s body expands and reacts with euphoric elation. In such instances, our molecules within the body are reacting too, just as they did in Emoto’s experiments – because everything is energy! Words are energy! Thoughts are energy! Feelings are energy! Consider the effects of walking into a room after two or more people just had an intense argument, or following a tremendous tragedy…the room is filled with energy that matches the emotions and words exchanged, and you would feel it as soon as you walked into the room. It is all connected.

Energy healing helps raise the vibrational frequency of the body to a higher and more positive state; specifically those areas of injury or issue that are thus in a low energy state. Through the use of intention, visualization, and a meeting of energies between client and practitioner, I have personally experienced successful results and outcomes with my clients. While energy healing is not miracle work, miracle-like results can occur. Energy healing addresses the root of an injury or issue, it does not mask symptoms like pharmaceuticals. It is sometimes perplexing to me that people will continually seek the ‘quick and temporary fix’, rather than seeking to permanently undo or heal an injury. Pharmaceuticals do not heal, they treat symptoms. Antibiotics do heal as they can eradicate myriad bacterial infections (I am personally a big advocate of penicillin). Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, can be extremely addictive and deadly, hence the recent surge in overdose deaths across the United States.

Energy Healing is a 100% natural alternative toward wellness. It unveils all that we were never taught in school about energy, in relation to our human bodies. As Bruce Lipton stated in his book, The Biology of Belief, “every material structure in the universe, including you and me, radiates a unique energy signature.”[iii] Energy healing thus makes sense, addressing like with like; healing energy with energy, and also with compassion and the all-powerful harmonic frequencies of love and belief – love for self and love for others. It is set in the sanctity for human life, therefore adding positively to the oneness that is the human collective or global human species.

A new age is upon us, one that will be defined by both quantum physics and energy medicine. In fact, scientific validation of the bioenergy field circumventing humans is beginning to enter mainstream science: “Biochemist John Norman Hansen, Ph.D., at the University of Maryland has found evidence of what he believes is a bioenergy field around humans. Such a field has been speculated about and alluded to in spiritual traditions for thousands of years, but now scientific investigation has indicated such a field does exist.”[iv]

The imagination plays a major role in energy healing. Our bodies are loyal servants to our minds. However, this only just begins to indicate the hidden potential of the human mind. There is so much more still to be discovered. We are much more than a diagnostic chart on a doctor’s computer laptop. While my client’s respective issues are relative, and are often much more complex than what perceptibly appears on the surface, energy healing does have the power to peel away the layers, as part of a healing process, to address the root cause, and my experiences as an energy healer have proven this. Seek first within…before you rely and go without, for it is there where you will first find all the answers, which are most often connected to lifestyle choices, stress, and cellular memory emanating from a past life event. Consider alternative medicine and energy healing, its origins date back thousands of years, well before Western medicine was ever conceived…because it is who we are: We are energy, and we are magnanimous beings with unlimited potential.


Neal Bogosian is a certified holistic energy healer. He has maintained his own practice since 2010. You can read about some of Neal’s experiences in Energy Healing and Energy Medicine, in his recently released book, THE AGE OF HEALING: PROFILES FROM AN ENERGY HEALER, available in Paperback, through and, and Kindle editions. Neal can be reached through his website: .